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In 1964 when the “Big Dock” was opened it was seen as the beginning of a new era for the district. It was hoped that the dock would bring plenty of work. For the first two years the dock was in full swing with the large ships of the time wanting to use the facilities there – ships like the 100,000 ton BP tanker ‘British Admiral’ and the ‘Texaco Maracaibo’. However in late ’66 and without any warning the management announced that the Dock would close early the next year. On Wednesday 5th April 1967 the Liquidator was called in and five weeks later the Firth of Clyde Drydock closed.


Under the new management of Scott’s & Lithgow who took over the dock the first ship to enter the dock was the Lithgow-built ‘Gallic Bridge’ a 74,000 ton bulk carrier.

The dock is still working to this day, but has never been occupied to the capacity expected or built for.

The Drydock is now owned by Clydeport and leased to ‘AMEC’

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