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Henry Murray commenced shipbuilding in Port Glasgow , Scotland, in 1866 or 1867 at the Kingston Yard , later known as the Brown Street shipyard. Ships were built there until vessel no.114 and then at Sandpoint, Dumbarton, Scotland, until Murray went out of business in 1883.

Henry's original business was known as Henry Murray & Co from 1880. He was a partner in two other firms, Murdoch & Murray at the Glen Yard, Port Glasgow in 1874 and Murray Brothers , in Dumbarton in 1883. Murray Brothers only built sixteen small ships and closed down in 1890, their goodwill being taken over by Murdoch & Murray .

Murdoch & Murray was reformed as the Port Glasgow Shipbuilding Co in 1912 and remained in business until ship no.304 in 1923. The company was eventually taken over by Lithgows Ltd , shipbuilders and repairers, Port Glasgow.

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