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Shipyard Rules - 1886

Shipyard rules in 1886

·          These rules are from one shipyard but they were general throughout the Clyde. These ones were taken from a booklet, but sometimes they were printed on large posters and displayed in the yards.


4. All employees will be held responsible for the portable tools delivered to them, and in the event of their losing, or, by neglect or wilfulness, damaging the same, shall be obliged to pay for such damage or loss, and also be liable to a fine of is (5p).

5. Any person found cutting or destroying wood or any other material, damaging plant, buildings, finished work, or work in progress, shall be fined is (5p), and make good the damage.

7.     An employee leaving off work before the steam whistle sounds shall be fined 1s (5p).

8.      Any workman committing a nuisance in any portion of the Yard or Ships, instead of using the latrines or urinals, shall be fined 1s (5p).

9.     Any employee in the yard deliberately impeding another employee in his or her work shall be fined 1s (5p).

11. Any employee found on board a vessel at the time of its launch without a launch token shall be fined 1s (5p). These launch tokens will be issued by the foremen.


17. The working hours shall be intimated from time to time by separate notices as changes may occur, and shall at all times be regulated by blowing of steam whistle. Seven minutes' grace will be allowed after the hour of commencing work for the day. On the expiry of the seven minutes the gate will be closed to everybody until breakfast-time. The whistle will again blow at 5 minutes to 6, and will continue to blow until 6 o'clock.


18. Overtime will be paid for only after the regular number of working hours for the day involved have been completed. As an example, an employee not beginning work till breakfast-time will not be paid any overtime till he or she has made up the time lost before breakfast.




22. Each employee shall be known by a number as well as by name, and on each occasion of entering the Yard will be handed his or her numbered ticket, which, on leaving off work, must be put into the ticket box provided for that purpose. Each employee's time will be accounted for by means of these tickets, and each must put his or her own ticket into the ticket box. Time workers will be provided with brass tickets, and piece workers with tin tickets.

27. Any person losing or defacing a ticket shall pay two pence for a new one.

29. Workers sent to Greenock or the Gareloch will receive one shilling extra per day, and apprentices sixpence. Time will be allowed until arrival in Dumbarton.




42. Any workman oiling or cleaning machinery while in motion shall be fined 6d (21/2p) for the first offence, and 1s (5p) for each offence thereafter.


43. Any workman leaving staging, ladders, or gangways in an unsafe condition for those coming after him, shall be fined 1s (5p) for the first offence, and 2s (10p) for each offence thereafter.


44. In the event of any workman finding any ladder, stage, gangway or tackle defective from wear and tear or any other cause, he is required at once to communicate the fact to his foreman.


45. Any workman removing the safety covering on a coal shoot, or other opening in ships' decks, and not replacing the same in a safe manner, shall be fined (10p).


46.   The special squad appointed to look after the safety of staging, uprights, and ladders to be under the charge of the Iron Carpenters' foreman.


47. Any workman bringing intoxicating liquors into the Yard, shall be fined 2s (10p).


48. Any workman appearing in the Yard in a state of intoxication shall be fined 2s 6d (121/2p).


49.. Any workman leaving a wood working machine in motion after using it, shall be fined 2s (10p).


50.   Any person using naked lights for the examination of joiners' or carpenters' wood-working machinery shall be fined 2s (10p).


51. Smoking is at all times strictly prohibited in the joiners' Shop, Spar and Boat Sheds, Moulding and Rigging Lofts, Upholstery Shop, Block Shop, Sawmill, and Stores; and on board ships on which wood work has been commenced, or in any proximity to inflammable materials. Offenders shall be fined 2s 6d (121/2p) for the first offence, and be instantly dismissed for the second.


52. Any person leaving candles or lamps burning during meal hours will be fined 2s (10p).




53. Any employee entering or leaving the Yard by any other way than the two gates mentioned in these rules shall be fined 3s (15p).


54. Any piece worker found asking for a time ticket on entering the Yard shall be fined 2s 6d (121/2p).


55. Any time worker found giving assistance to piece workers shall be fined 2s 6d (121/2p) for each offence.


56. Any employee found jobbing on his or her own account, shall be fined 3s (15p).


57. Any employee found taking firewood, tools, or any other material from the Yard without permission, will be given in charge of the police.


58. Any workman breaking open another workman's tool box, or taking tools in his possession, shall be fined 2s 6d (121/2p).

59. Any employees attempting, either on their own or others' account, to defraud the firm through the timekeeping or account of piece work system, will be fined 2s 6d (121/2p).



14. The funds of the society shall be derived from the fines imposed by the rules, and the amount subscribed by the Firm as an equivalent of these fines, and further by the contributions from members, and from the Firm levies on every alternate fortnightly pay.


15. On every alternate pay there shall be deducted from the money earned by each worker in Leven Shipbuilding Yard the undernoted sums:­


Class 1 - From every worker rated at 20s (£1) and upwards per week:

3d(11 /2p)

Class 2 - From every worker rated at 11s (55p) and under 20s (£1) per week: 2d (1p)

Class 3 - From every worker rated under 11s (55p):

ld (1 /2p)


And the Firm will add to the funds of the society, each alternate fortnightly pay, a sum equal to that which shall have been collected from the members at said pay.

19    Aliment will be given to workers who are disabled, according to the following scale, viz:­


Workers rated from 20s (£1) per week and upwards will receive 12s (60p) per week

Workers rated from 11s (55p) per week and under 20s (£1), will receive 8s (40p) per week

Workers rated under 11s (55p) per week will receive 4s (20p) per week


The managers shall have power to increase or diminish the aliment according to state of the funds.


20 Workmen injured and off work for less than twelve working days will not be paid aliment for the first three days they are off. Where the workman is off for twelve working days, or longer, the time will count in full. The day of accident will only count as one day if the accident takes place before noon. All claims on the society shall cease at the end of 12 weeks, but the managers shall have power to continue aliment, if thought advisable. Persons failing to report themselves within three days after occurrence of accident, or their ceasing work from an accident, shall forfeit not more than a week's aliment.


21    In cases of fatal accidents, the following sums will be paid, viz:-Workers in 1st Class, £30; 2nd Class £20; 3rd Class £10.


22     In any cases of accidents which may disable the members for life, the managers will allot such a sum, as they may agree upon.

25    Any member disabled through being intoxicated at his work, shall forfeit all claims on the Accident Fund for such injury.

27 Any member proved to have been intoxicated, or to have so conducted himself while receiving aliment as to hinder his recovery from any accident he may have suffered shall forfeit all further claims on the Accident Fund.


28 The Yard doctor to be selected and paid by the Firm. Such doctor to give free attendance to all accidents in the cases of boys, apprentices, and labourers, until recovery. In the case of journeymen, one free attendance to be given. After that, attendances to be at the journeyman's charge. The doctor only to be required to attend to cases within the limits of the town. In the case of employees accepting the professional services of the Yard doctor, his lines to be held as sufficient evidence for aliment with the Accident Fund Society. In the case of any worker electing to employ his own family doctor, or the doctor in connection with his Friendly Society, the lines of such doctor to be recognised as sufficient evidence for aliment with the Accident Fund Society.


29 All materials for first dressings shall be provided by the Accident Fund, and in the case of boys, apprentices, and labourers, subsequent materials for dressings shall also be provided by the Accident Fund until recovery. The actual work of doing the dressings to form part of the Yard doctor's attendance.


30    During holidays half aliment only will be paid.

Rules of the Leven Shipyard (William Denny & Bros.), 1886

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